Mo Rae who fell asleep from exhaustion after crying was found by a guard as time approached in early hours of morning.

"Hey, miss! Miss! You can't sleep after a drink in a place like this! It's dangerous here! You can get a fever!"

Moments later, the guard began to get confused as he saw Mo Rae started shivering in the cold. He immediately dialed 119. A short time later, paramedics transferred Mo Rae into an ambulance and took her to a nearby hospital. The doctor who examined her gave an order to the paramedics.

"She's intoxicated by alcohol and has hypothermia. The symptoms are similar to the patient we just handled. The patient is still breathing, give her an infusion and raise the temperature slowly. Check the vital statistics in thirty minutes. If she wakes up, report to me immediately. Nurse Kim, please put her next to that patient."

"Yes, sir."

Nurse Kim pushed a mattress that Mo Rae slept on and took her to the Emergency Installation room. There was a female patient who had just arrived lying on her bed. Two patients were hospitalized the same day, the same time, while the symptoms were also the same. Everything felt like an odd fate. The nurse placed the patient she was carrying next to the woman. The nurse heard the sound of pips from monitors connected to the patient who came first. Nurse Kim looked at the monitor and found the patient's heart was beating rapidly.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman who seemed to be the guardian of the patient's yelled.

"Hey! My madam doesn't seem to be breathing!"

"Her heart stopped! Please prepare defibrillator!" Nurse Kim exclaimed. As soon as she became aware of that, the emergency installation room began to be filled with tension. Paramedics came running from various places. The doctor grabbed the patient's shirt and removed it by ripping it off, then he started performing CPR. But there was no response at all even though the doctor kept trying hard. Another doctor applied the gel to a defibrillator and began attaching it back to the patient's chest.

"150 Joule!"


The first patient's body snapped. But, there was no change in the patient's heart. Doctor Lee came back screaming. He observed the patient and the monitor attached, droplets of sweat on his forehead. He continued to perform CPR and unleashed all his abilities to save the patient's life.

"200 Joule."


The body of the patient who came first before Mo Rae snapped again. Doctor Lee's attention focused on the monitor and held his breath. Nurse Kim said in a hurry.

"Doctor Lee! The heart rate of the patient next bed also stopped!"

Now the medical team was trying to risk their lives to help the patients. Hearing the words that the patient's heart next bed also stopped, the emergency installation room became even more tense.

"Damn! Doctor Park, check the patient's condition quick!"

Before finishing his words, Dr. Park had bolted away to help the other patient and began performing CPR. Will tonight be a mourning night? The sweat on Doctor Lee's forehead is pouring heavily.

"300 Joule."

Bam! Bam!

Moments after performing CPR several times, the patient's heart finally began to beat back weakly.

"Alive! Oh Goodness!"

However, before breathing a relief sigh, Dr. Lee reversed his body and saw the patient next to him. Doctor Park who was holding the defibrillator shouted loudly.

"360 Joule!"

"Yes, sir!"

The patient's body soared violently from her bed as soon as she got high-flowing electrical stimulation. That's when the pip sound from the monitor stopped and her heart started beating again. Everyone felt a tremendous sense of relief running through their bodies. The tension shrouding the IGD room slowly began to disappear and turn into calm.

"Always keep an eye on these two patients until they are safe. Check her vital statistics in ten minutes."

"Will do. Thank you for your hard work, Doctor."

Now that sudden critical condition has passed. With a worried face, Nurse Kim noticed the two people who were still unconscious. Patient one, her appearance looks classy. Seeing her being called 'Madam' by the person who looked after her, she most likely came from a wealthy and respectable family. While the patient next to her, although she is clean, she wore shabby and worn clothes. The woman looked young and no one else was waiting after her. Although everyone is the same before God, the difference between the two women is very clear.

Moments later, one of them got transferred to the VIP room so she could rest quietly. It's a special room only the rich can enter...

As for the other patient, since no one was looking for her, she was transferred to a room of eight patients. Seeing that, somehow, Nurse Kim's heart hurts...

*       *       *


Mo Rae felt her whole body hurt. She's never felt pain like this before. The girl tried to open her eyes. But her eyelids felt heavy, as if it were the toughest job in the world. She finally managed to open her eyes after trying hard. The surroundings looked dark, as if time had passed in the afternoon and into the evening. She turned her head and looked around. The girl later found the hospital name written on a blanket covering her body. Is this a hospital? She murmured as she looked back at her surroundings. The room was furnished which looked very expensive and classy. She's trying to logic the situation that happened to her.
Have hospital rooms turned out to be this wide? Mo Rae tried to remember what happened that night. Ah, right. I drank soju alone by the Han River. You idiot. Even though my heart hurts, falling asleep and drinking in a place like that is the same as suicide.

Mo Rae then hit her head making a loud sound.

Where is this? This room is so luxurious. Could this be the VIP room I've only ever heard of? Who put me in this expensive room? Do I have any money to pay for this? My throat now feels so dry. My whole body feels powerless and my head is dizzy, too. Mo Rae has never experienced such a bad body condition. Feeling thirsty, she looked around, hoping there was a bottle of drinking water somewhere.

At that moment, the room door suddenly opened and someone came into the room. She is a short and fat middle-aged aunt. The woman was shocked to see Mo Rae and began speaking haltingly.

"Madam! Are you awake? How are you? I'm so worried about you, Madam... I'll tell the doctor you're awake. You've been unconscious long enough. Everyone is very worried, but thank God you're awake now. I'm the one who looks after you. You must be surprised, waking up in an unfamiliar place, right?"

Mo Rae shook her head after listening to the relentless rant. Since then, her mouth has felt dry and her hands were shaking strangely. But... What did she just say? Madam? What does that mean?

"Please... Give me some water."

"Ah, yes. Well, I didn't even know you were thirsty. After being unconscious for a week, of course, you must feel very thirsty, right?"

Mo Rae received a glass of water offered by the auntie and continued to gulp it endlessly. This is so fresh. Cold water flowed through her throat and began to wave in her stomach.

"One more glass. But, did you say I was unconscious for a week?"

"Of course. The director and your sister also came to see you. They're very worried about you. Madam was in critical condition. Your heart also stopped beating. What if you never wake up again? Everyone was worried sick. Oh right, it's not the time to rant. I'll tell the nurse right away that you're awake."

The woman who called herself as her guardian spoke endlessly. As soon as the woman left the room, Mo Rae tried to wake up from her confused mind.

Was that the voice of a demon eating rice seeds? She called 'Madam' to an unmarried person. Director? Who's that? My parents had passed away. Besides, I was their only child. Where the heck did that sister come from? Mo Rae was very confused by the situation she was in at the moment. The auntie seemed to misrecognize people and this frustrates Mo Rae. She then cleaned the water that stuck to her mouth with her hands. However, her hands looked strange. They were not a blackened hand, but rather a shining white hand. Mo Rae raised both hands and stared at them with both eyes rounded. She saw very white and slim hands. That's not her tough hand because of the taekwondo she did. She shook her head.

"What kind of weird shit is this?"

Mo Rae wrapped a blanket covering her body and noticed her legs. She saw slim, long, smooth-skinned legs. They were different from her strong, muscular legs filled with scars everywhere.


Mo Rae was very shocked. She then looked for a mirror. On one side of the room, she found a door connected to the bathroom. She got out of her bed, put on slippers, and went to the bathroom. As expected, she found a mirror hanging on the wall. The girl stood in front of the mirror with her heart pounding very rapidly.

Mo Rae was shocked, her mouth wide open seeing a foreign woman reflected in the mirror. A figure she had never seen before was staring at her. Mo Rae shook her hand at the fact she didn't want to believe. That's not her. But the figure reflected in the mirror is real.

The terrified Mo Rae stepped back in a long stride. The woman in the mirror has gotten a little away now. As soon as Mo Rae approached the mirror again, the woman also came back closer. When she frowned on her face, the woman did the same. Mo Rae's heartbeat uncontrollably, as if ready to come out through her flesh. She couldn't keep her legs shaking violently. Mo Rae finally sat in her place.


The sound of saliva she swallowed sounded like thunder in her ears. Her body staggered.

Mo Rae went back to her senses again and stood in front of the mirror. She carefully saw the figure reflected in the mirror. That woman. Is this a dream? It's not a dream. It's too real to be just a dream. It's very... terrible.


The woman's screams from the VIP room were heard all the way down to the corridor. The guardian found her madam fainted in the bathroom.