“F*CK! Call the owner here!”

A sudden scream was heard somewhere, screams that wake her up from drowsiness. The half-drunk man who was served by her was screaming loudly. Those who are in and out of this classy hotel are famous people and have high social status. And because of that, the atmosphere in the bar is made calm and comfortable. However, due to a weird guest today, the tranquility inside the bar instantly disappeared. Mo Rae's stunned. She rushed out to the source of the commotion.

The screaming man looked young. And most likely he hasn't worked yet. Either because he had asked for money from his mother or whatever, the man was able to have a large gem ring, as well as a thick gold necklace.

Mo Rae had delivered him to the cash register earlier. She then asked the young man politely, fearing there was a mistake in the bill.

"I'm sorry, is there a problem?”

“What the f*ck! Why is it so expensive? You guys deliberately put a price on it, right?! Get your manager here!”

“Sorry. But, the bill is correct."

Mo Rae replied with confidence since she believed she had calculated it correctly. She has even counted them twice. Had Mo Rae known the situation tonight would be chaotic, she would have refused to work double. Mo Rae sighed.

“Who are you? Are you the manager here?”

“No. I'm just a waiter here.”

“Who dares to ignore me? I told you to call the manager, not a waitress like you!”

“Sir, don't be like this... Ahh!”

Mo Rae couldn't finish her words, the man watered her with a glass of beer he took off the table. The cold drink hit Mo Rae's face, then flowed down the woman's shoulders and back, making her nape hair stand up. Soon, the beer's distinctive aroma wafted from Mo Rae's body. The woman closed her eyes and clenched her hands.

Hold it Mo Rae... You have to hold it. Hold it Mo Rae... You're going to have to do it. Tomorrow is payday time and the day after, you have to pay interest to the creditors. Mo Rae wiped the beer dripping from her head and face with her sleeves. She then spoke to the drunk man loudly.

"Two-serving beef steak, fruits as appetizers, snacks, fried beef, two-bottle wine, and eight-bottle beer. All 537,000 won.”

“Damn girl! You think you're dealing with who, heh! You deaf? Get your manager here!”

The man stood up from his chair. Putting both hands on his waist and told Mo Rae. The man then grabbed Mo Rae's chin and raised the girl's face until they came face to face. He stared at Mo Rae squinting. The man's savage gaze slowly disappeared. His gaze was now flashy, filled with lust.

“Hey, I didn't know your face is this pretty. Want to accompany me for a drink? I'll let you go this time. Think of it as a pay...”

The man who emitted an acidified scent from his mouth stroked Mo Rae's chin. Feeling toyed, Mo Rae got rid of the man's hand violently. How dare a lowly man like you play me.

Mo Rae became inflamed and started to unleash her true temper.

“If you want a drink, drink quietly. You're crazy!”

“What? You... What did you just say?”

"I said you're crazy. Why? You deaf? If you're deaf, don't make trouble like this! I don't want to be taken out by someone like trash and crazy like you!”

“Do you want to die?!”

The man raised his hand as if he wanted to slap Mo Rae on the cheek. However, his hands stopped and dropped back. Instead, he threw glasses and plates filled with food from the table.


The loud sound even made people sitting in the corner of the room stunned by the chaos that was going on. At that time, the manager who did not know the problem suddenly appeared very late. I don't know what he was doing somewhere we couldn't see his nose.

“Is there a problem, sir?”

“Who are you? Are you the manager? Then teach your waiter properly! You know what she told me? She said I was like trash and crazy! Is that what a waiter does to a customer?”

“Hey, you! You don't remember what you told me earlier?”

Mo Rae did not want to lose and avenge the man's words. The manager who seemed to know everything squinted and spoke to Mo Rae in a cold tone.

“Kim Mo Rae! How can you behave like that to a customer? Apologize right away!”


Mo Rae looked at her manager who seemed mad. Then she turned her gaze to the man. The man smiled mockingly with a face filled with expressions of triumph. The anger inside Mo Rae's burst out. I don't want to. I don't want to apologize to a man like him...

“I'm not going to apologize. There's no reason to apologize to him.”

“Kim Mo Rae! You know what you're saying, right?”

I know. You're going to fire me, right? Despite thinking about this once again, she did not find a single mistake she had made, which led her to apologize to the thug.

“I know. I'm going to stop working."

Mo Rae insisted on not apologizing until the end. The man's face looked angrier. The manager next to him stared at Mo Rae with a cold stare. Mo Rae was tingling her eyes so that her tears didn't come out. She then walked away to the employee's locker room. There, Mo Rae calmed her heart which had been beating rapidly, and wiped the tears that had fallen with her hands.

You don't have to cry, Mo Rae. Who the hell is that thug making you cry. Don't cry because of the little insults of such a human being. He even looked so useless. Once you get out of here, there's going to be a new job waiting for you...

After calming her feelings, Mo Rae changed her clothes and exited the room. The manager standing at the cash register looked at her and told her to go to his office. He handed her an envelope.

“Even though the customer was in the wrong, you shouldn't behave like that. Look at the consequences, you're forced to quit your job. It's your wage. Since you didn't work here a month fully, I cut it a little. Now go.”

Mo Rae gave a good-bye and soon exited the room. However, she felt the envelope held on her chest felt very light.

Has he been waiting for something like this to fire me? Mo Rae was disappointed. However, she soon discarded her feelings. Despite not feeling remorseful quitting her job, Mo Rae began to worry since she had to find a new job in the morning. Having to work and go to college at the same time, she felt comfortable working in a bar close to where she studied. Although the work there is tiring, she is happy because her salary is also quite big. But now she suddenly has to get out of the place. Mo Rae felt sad. She wanted to lay down her exhausted body immediately. But, she could not go home with feeling like this.

Mo Rae decided to go to a shop and buy two bottles of soju, then walking by the Han River. The night time air felt cold but she did not care about it and sat on the grass. She opened the lid of the bottle and drank it without stopping.

Ah, I really am such a reckless kid. But well, it's alright without snacks... I can still suck my finger. I don't have money either anyway...

Mo Rae back to sip the drink in the bottle. Her whole body felt hot, she started getting drunk. The woman then leaned over her head and stared at the star in the sky. She can always see stars if she comes to this place. Because of that, she loved the Han River. Her mother always said that the deceased would turn into a star. Mo Rae stared at two bright stars she considered to be her mother and father and began to grumble.

"What the heck is this? Are you happy living without me? Dang... Take me too. I, feel lonely... I'm tired..."

In the end, Mo Rae remembered her parents and started crying. Now she has spent two bottles of soju and her precious tears. She's not actually an alcoholic. But in times of loneliness like today, she wanted to get drunk and forget everything. Mo Rae who has spent all her drinks lying on the grass. Today, the stars looked very glittery. Her close friend, Mi Young, went abroad. She felt lonely because no one comforted her. Tears kept coming out of the corner of her eyes.

"I miss you guys... I, miss you guys so friggin' much... Huu, I'm lonely, I'm getting crazy... it's so lonely. Do you hear that? I said do you hear me! Huff... it's alright though if you don't hear me...."