In a night filled with silence, Sang Hyuk sat at his desk reading complicated documents by a table lamp. Bohyun Plaza Hotel in China, he didn't even have time to close his tired eyes. Sang Hyuk's status as the only child of the owner of  Bohyun’s, shows his identity in the business world. He had been taught to be the heir of the company since he was still a kid. Therefore, it is not a wonder that he is the leader of his hotel company which the main base is in South Korea.

His bright brain got him a nickname as the Genius by people around him. He also has a good character since he was raised like a child from an ordinary family. Sang Hyuk was entrusted as the financial director of the company because of his ability to finish work meticulously and quick. He also became subject of many people's conversations because of his expertise in managing twelve hotel branches without ever making any mistakes.

Not only famous for his leadership spirit, Sang Hyuk's handsome face who seems like the reincarnation of David March has also caught the attention of many people. His tall body made his face clearly visible. His dense chest muscles are hidden under his white shirt. Each time he walked, his sexy thighs would make women steal glances and hold their breath.

Sang Hyuk closed the complicated files filled with numbers before rubbing his tired forehead and eyes. Then stretching out his long legs and pulled himself out of the chair. Sang Hyuk walked over to the window. His expression gazing out of the window, staring at how the wind blew strongly, was gloomy. His black eyes reflected on the dark window implied that a feeling of loneliness. Sang Hyuk sat down back gloomily.

“Another day has passed....”

The days he went through without meaning are not what happened yesterday or today. Life that has been lived by Sang Hyuk until now feels empty. Since opening his eyes in the morning, he has had to wake up and swallow sickening fatigue. He was bored to live the same life and become a robot every day.

Why should I live like this? Who should I live this life for?


The sound of broken glass immediately awoken Sang Hyuk from the things that filled his mind. He was jerked to hear the sound that broke the silence. Hearing how loud that sound, it was obvious the glass is not small in size.

Sang Hyuk who was drowning in his mind was surprised to hear the commotion. But instead of rushing to the source of the sound, he simply turned his head.


The sound of broken glass continued to be heard, followed by deafening bam. Sang Hyuk frowned as if couldn't hold it back any longer. He then picked up his phone on the desk.

"Hello. Officer Kim, it's me. I'm sorry to wake you up. Could you check the room on the right of my floor now?"

Less than five minutes later, a couple of limbs walked up the stairs, followed by a restrained scream from the security guard and his housekeeper.

"Madam! Wake up!"

Sang Hyuk began to be disturbed by the sound of broken glass being trampled by feet that continued to be heard. He exhaled and walked lazily towards that woman's room. Sang Hyuk didn't go into the room. He just stood not far from the open room door and observed the terrible state inside. There appeared to be shards of glass, glass windows leading to the patio had been smashed by chairs being thrown, bottles rolling everywhere. Sang Hyuk's nose caught a smell of cigarette smoke piercing the nose, then an uncomfortable smell mixed with blood.

Sang Hyuk frowned as he saw bloodstains on the floor. His eyes turned to the woman. He found the woman holding a broken glass and lying on the carpet. Both women's hands were in blood, but she smiled blandly and her eyes were not focused as if in an unconscious state. Again, she drank until she went crazy. Guard Kim, not surprised to see the scene, hugged the woman lying on the floor carefully. The housekeeper began to clean the room quietly. Sang Hyuk who was still standing outside the room stared at the three people with an expressionless face. He then spoke coldly.

"Call Doctor Lee."

After saying it cynically, he turned around and returned to his room. So sickening.

*       *       *

Mo Rae glanced towards the clock hanging on the wall with a very tired face. 8:30 a.m with a few minutes past.

No more than three and a half hours. Don't look at the clock. Time is getting less and less moving if you continue to check it.

Due to severe flu since yesterday, Mo Rae felt her body is very tired today. All this time she withstood the pain in her waist that felt like being crushed. She kept washing and washing again all the piles of dirty glasses. Mo Rae worked at Bohyun Hotel Bar from five o'clock in the afternoon to twelve o'clock at night. The bar where she works have a quiet atmosphere and is always visited by the upper-middle class. In this bar, she is tasked with serving food and washing dishes.

"This one too please."


Mo Rae had finished half her laundry and was about to rest her waist for a moment because of the pain. However, another employee came with a tray full of glasses making her sigh long. Mo Rae replied with a forced smile. Because of living alone, Mo Rae had to make money with her own hands in order to meet her living needs and tuition fees. If Mo Rae works all day after college and puts her bedtime aside, she can have enough of her school fees and living expenses. However, what worries Mo Rae the most is the huge amount of debt left by her parents.

Three years ago, her father borrowed a lot of money after his company went bankrupt. Despite having sold all the possessions, turned out the money raised by her parents was still lacking to cover the huge amount of their debt. Mo Rae's parents worked hard, day and night to cover the rest of the debt, until came the day they had a traffic accident and died. Of course, all responsibilities that Mo Rae's parents were supposed to bear turned to the girl's shoulders. It began on the day of her parents' funeral, the creditors chased her and made a fuss in the burial chamber. They caused a riot at the funeral of Mo Rae's parents. Mo Rae screamed and said that she would pay off all her parents' debts.

"I'm going to pay off all that debt. So just leave me let my parents go peacefully."

Mo Rae managed to persuade the debt collectors to leave her parents' funeral. She then broke down in tears in front of her parents' photograph.

A year has passed since then. Mo Rae constantly works part-time to pay for her tuition and life. She still couldn't pay off her parents' debts. Well, at least she could pay her interest little by little. There are still a few months left until Mo Rae graduates college. Once she graduates, she will soon find a job to cover her huge debts bit by bit.

Ding ling.

When her head was filled with ideas, a bell was heard indicating the food is ready to be served. Mo Rae took off her rubber gloves and went towards the kitchen.

"Table number seven."

The Head Chef confronted Mo Rae and smiled at her. He then handed the girl a ready-to-serve plate.


Mo Rae answered it vigorously. She then placed three large plates in a row on her left arm. Her right hand lifted one remaining plate then went to serve the food.

"Excuse me, did you order a steak?"

"Ah, yes."

Mo Rae matched the food with the person who ordered it. She greeted politely and returned to the back. She washed the remaining dirty dishes.

The restaurant, which also houses a bar, is located within a five-star hotel building and is famous for its expensive food. If summed up, the money that is spent to pay for one table meal alone exceeds Mo Rae's salary for one month. She never felt envious of the people who came to this place. Although, sometimes she wondered how people like them earn a lot of money. Despite living in debt, Mo Rae always believed in herself and tried to live honestly. Poverty made her just a little uncomfortable. She did not feel ashamed of herself or with others because of her circumstances. Mo Rae picked up a tissue and cleaned her flowing snot. Then cleaning the dishes vigorously until they're shiny. As time passed eleven o'clock at night, the people who were drunk inside the bar began to increase.


Mo Rae yawned without her manager knowing. Her head felt heavier and her eyes dimmed. She wanted to go home as soon as possible so she could lay down her tired body which was in pain. But...


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