Early morning.

Sang Hyuk stood in front of his house. He should finish his work before coming back to home last night. And today, he suddenly had to go to China for a business trip. He could have ordered his secretary at home to pack things he needed for the business trip. Even so, he could not ask them to touch the secret files stored in the safe-deposit box.

With hasty steps, Sang Hyuk stepped into the house. Weird, he felt a bit odd once inside. The housekeeper who came out of the kitchen was surprised to see him. The woman looked worried as if she wanted to say something to Sang Hyuk. However, there was doubt on her face. Sang Hyuk, hunted down by his flight schedule, did not have time to tell his housekeeper beforehand. Feeling something had happened, he soon headed to the 2nd Floor.

Sang Hyuk climbed the stairs that led him to the second floor. The room on the left wing is his territory, while the right is that woman's. Both of them have promised not to interfere in each other's personal lives. However, a strange groan could be heard and tickled Sang Hyuk's ears, caught the man's attention. There were sounds of panting and gasping of a woman and man making love, mixed with strange groans. Sang Hyuk frowned and headed for the woman's bedroom. He stretched out his finger to the door, opened the room quietly, and saw two bodies wrestling toward each other in pleasure.

The man who was lying down noticed Sang Hyuk. His handsome and white face looked younger than him. The man was surprised seeing Sang Hyuk, his white face turned pale. So did with the woman on top of his body. Aware of the odd signal given by him, the woman turned around and found Sang Hyuk on the door.

Her stare.

Not a single word came out of Sang Hyuk's mouth each time he saw that expression. The woman's face looked empty and sad. Sometimes, she also showed an expressionless face. Her stare always stabbed right on Sang Hyuk's heart sharply. For a few moments, silence befell upon the three of them. The woman broke the awkwardness with a weak voice.

“Could you please close the door?”

Sang Hyuk then closed the door again slowly so as not to make a sound, just like when he opened it. He stared at the closed door for a few seconds before turning around and headed to his own room immediately, preparing things for his business trip.

"Keep going."

The young man was even more surprised looking up at his partner who acted as if nothing had happened.

“Wh-who’s that guy?”

“Huh, that guy?”

The woman chuckled and stroked the man's handsome face with her hand. "He's my husband."