It was twelve o'clock in the evening. The day had changed rapidly.

The darkness of the night seemed to draw the coastline longer, as if it had no end. The bright moonlight made every heart feel at peace. Xie Yu rode a motorbike fast, passing through the quiet coastal highway. Behind him, He Man tightly hugged Xie Yu's waist with one hand.

"Look, the moon is beautiful!"

Xie Yu laughed. "I'm riding a motorcycle, how can I see?"

He Man raised the video tape up high with one hand. "Then, I'll just represent you to see the moon! It's alright, I've recorded everything. You can see the scenery I've recorded later. There are stars, moon, beach..."

Xie Yu did not answer, remain to focus at the road in front of him with a small smile.

He Man was tired capturing the scenery along the way, so she kept the video recorder away. Resting her chin on Xie Yu's shoulder, giggling like a fool.

"What's so funny?"

"When I was still a high schooler, I was an innocent student. Some female friends in my class were already dating. They looked so cool when their girlfriends rode them through the crowd. That time, I didn't like seeing them. But deep down in my heart, actually I envied them."

"Then, isn't your dream now fulfilled?" Xie Yu laughed. "In the end you got hitched by a man you like."

"Yes, it is. But...unfortunately..." He Man laughed with a sly face. "I got no handsome boyfriend."

Right after Xie Yu heard what He man just said, he slowed down the bike in a sudden; made the woman's body hit his back hard. He Man shouted in surprise, Xie Yu laughed happily, started to speed up the bike again.

"Miss, your life is in my hands. Please be more careful when you speak."

He Man giggled as he kissed Xie Yu's shoulder.

"I really hope this path doesn't end."


Their honeymoon is coming to an end.

To them, this small town on the edge of the coast will always be summer, like the best things in life that always happen in summer. Sadly, the two of them had to leave soon.

He Man was a little reluctant to go home, but she also didn't want to keep being sad. The woman turned her video tape on, started recording again.

"Dear regrets of my youth." He Man said while filming herself laughing so sweetly.

"This is a beautiful young girl, He Man," she continued. Shouted out to the sea. "This is a moonlit beach!"

"This is a cool motorcycle!"

"This is...a handsome and super fashionable boyfriend!" He Man laughed out loud.

Only one side of Xie Yu's handsome face could be recorded. His thick eyebrows were not very clearly visible in the moonlight.

"Kiss Me." He Man said quietly.

"I'm riding a bike," said Xie Yu with a laugh. "And I'm wearing a helmet! You insane?"

"I don't care! Look back, kiss me! There's no one on this street anyways. There won't be a problem!" He Man pressed his whole body against Xie Yu's back while whispering softly.

Xie Yu could no longer stand He Man's coercion. The man turned his head back then kissed He Man quickly. One hand of He Man holding the video tape, to capture the moment.

But the kiss was too fast, He Man did not succeed in recording.

"It's not recorded. Kiss me one more time, please. One more time..."

"No way, too dangerous!" Xie Yu felt that it was time for him to stick to his stance.

"My husband...My dear husband...come on..." He Man started to whine at Xie Yu.

She was constantly whimpering beside Xie Yu's ear, acting cute.

Xie Yu was confused.

"There shouldn't be any problems."

A kiss like that is very memorable to be missed anyways. Xie Yu looked back once again, and this time gave her a kiss even longer than the first one earlier.

He Man finally shouted in excitement, "It's recorded! It's here! Hahaha!"

Before Xie Yu had time to look forward back, he had noticed He Man's face had suddenly changed, from being excited to terrified.

He Man shouted loudly, "Tree! Tree! Watch out!"

Xie Yu hurriedly turned his face forward, but it was too late.

The coast in He Man's eyes suddenly melted into a lump, passing so quickly from her sight. Then, everything became dark.