Night fell upon them.

Bonfires were lit beside the pool. She could hear relaxing and comfortable samba music in her ears. He Man felt a little drunk. The banyan trees around her seemed to be dancing. Or...was it her sight that actually dancing?

Next to the pool, the chefs were busy preparing for the barbecue. Xie Yu and He Man cuddle while drinking wine. They looked so happy, enjoying the night atmosphere in silent.

Tonight was the last night of their honeymoon vacation. Xie Yu and He Man have tried lots of water-related activities; such as speedboats, banana boats, beach volleyball, and water balls. Xie Yu's skin had already turned red under the sun, making him lazy to play another game again. But since He Man kept pushing him, he was forced to continue. Until the man was even more excited to try all the games.

He Man's energy seemed endless, like the sun that kept shining. Xie Yu was always fascinated by her passion.

The grilled seafood finally served on their table. However, while Xie Yu and He Man were eating their food, the restaurant manager suddenly picked up a mic and pointed at the two while talking to the diners.

The restaurant manager spoke in a stiff Mandarin. "Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight there's a new couple who are on their honeymoon! Let's give them a big applause!"

The roar of applause could be heard, making Xie Yu and He Man excited but embarrassed at the same time.

The restaurant manager then handed the mic to Xie Yu and said, "Please come over here, Sir. Do you have anything to say to your wife?"

Xie Yu then picked up the mic, glancing at He Man while at the same time, He Man also glanced at Xie Yu.

They could only stare at each other, as if no one else around them. Xie Yu cleared his throat, pretend to think about what he was going to say.

"Don't pretend anymore! I know you arranged everything." He Man whispered to her husband.

Xie Yu's lips lifted slightly at his wife's whisper.

"Can't you pretend you're shocked by all these surprises?" Xie Yu moved the mic away from his mouth as he spoke softly towards He Man.

He Man stuck out her tongue, "Alright, lemme repeat then."

Soon, the woman linked her fingers as she acted so shocked and moved by all the surprises. He Man's two eyes looked at Xie Yu with a sparkling gaze.

Xie Yu felt like throwing up at his wife's fake expression.

Xie Yu brought the mic to his mouth and said to all the diners, "When I was a child, Grandma took me to see a powerful shaman. The shaman said, my fate is not great and had to do good deeds often. So, I decided to always be a good person since I was little. I did a lot of charity work. One of them was..." Xie Yu paused, glancing at his wife.

"For the sake of happiness of all men in this world, I sacrificed myself. I married my abusive girlfriend."

Laughters bursted out from the diners. Annoyed, He Man threw a napkin at Xie Yu. The man caught it with one hand.

"See?" Xie Yu laughed happily. "My abusive wife has introduced herself with a real action."

Just as He Man's anger was about to overflow, Xie Yu's expression suddenly became serious again. He stared sadly at He Man's eyes.

"I like it when you let out your frustration at me. I don't have to be patient to understand you, in fact I really enjoy it. I like to see you like that. So, thank you very much, my wife. Thank you for showing all your weaknesses only to me. That shaman said, as long as I always doing good deeds, the Almighty will give me a fine way of life in return for every good deed. The first time I saw you, I realized that you are the most beautiful and best gift for me."

He Man gave Xie Yu a fixed look. Her eyes were teary.

"I hope for the rest of our lives, you will only be abusive to me. My wife, I love you. I love you for eternity."

And right at that moment, fireworks were seen gliding into the sky, along with applauses from all the diners. He Man was sobbing, unable to hold back her feelings that night. Everything so touched her. Maybe those tears created the fondest memories that night.