He Man pushed the hotel room door open. In front of her was a king size bed, sprinkled with roses arranged in a heart shape. Next to the bed was a box of chocolates and a bottle of chilled champagne.

He Man smiled at the hotel room decoration she stayed in. Turning around, then protested to her husband. "Why do hotel rooms for honeymoon always decorated like this? Don't tell me, it's you who arranged it, do you?"

With an unsure expression, Xie Yu asked, "You think this decoration... is it good or not?"

He Man laughed shaking her head. "Very... old-fashioned."

Xie Yu calmly replied, "Then this decoration idea is from the hotel, has absolutely nothing to do with me."

The hotel staff unloaded two of their large suitcases from the luggage trolley and put them in a cupboard before saying goodbye in local language. As soon as the door of the room closed, Xie Yu immediately lay down on top of the bed.

"So tired! Today was so rash!"

He Man followed Xie Yu layinf beside him. "Still dare to say that?! I told you already to pack things up last night, but you prepared everything today instead. And you were also too slow. Record here record there. Almost made us both miss the plane!"

"Did someone pressed a replay button on your body? Why should you repeating the same story again? Was the fight in the cab not enough?" Xie Yu straightened his body, glanced at He Man, " it because you are not satisfied enough with my kiss?"

He Man laughed as he pushed Xie Yu but then pulled the man closer to stand up.

"Why are you pulling me? I'm going to take a nap." The said man lay down on the bed again.


"I wanna sleep, not 'sleep' with you. So why are you complaining?"

"Look, the heart shape is messy because of you!" He Man pushed Xie Yu away and started to tidy up the scattered roses.

Xie Yu grumbled in annoyance. "Didn't you say the room decor was so old-fashioned? Why tidying it up again?"

He Man answered loudly, "No matter how old the decor is, this is still my honeymoon room. I have to take a photo first to show it off, so everyone will be jealous of me!"

"Eww!" Xie Yu replied disgustingly.

He Man didn't seem to care at Xie Yu's reaction. She lowered her head, carefully tidied up the scattered roses to form a heart like before. Then, took the tape recorder from the bag and began filming their entire honeymoon hotel room.

While recording, He Man said proudly, "Xiao Huan must be jealous when she saw this, haha!"

He Man thought Xie Yu will respond back to her exclaim. Unexpectedly, that man didn't even react at all.

He Man looked away to find Xie Yu sitting on a carpet and leaning against the window pane, almost entering the dream land.

He Man put down the video recorder she was holding, stepped quickly towards Xie Yu before pulling the man hard. "You lazy jerk. Get up now!"

"We have plenty of time to record our honeymoon. Please let me sleep a little first."

"There won't be another rose bed tomorrow. This is a rare opportunity! Come on, just cooperate a little. Stand on the balcony and pretend as if you're looking far away ahead. I want to record the ocean view and your reflection from behind."

"Why filming my back?"

"To show off our intimacy, duh."

"Too much showing off can lead to a divorce, you know."

"That's what jealous people say. Come on, hurry over there!" He Man screamed like a roaring lion.

Xie Yu walked towards the balcony lazily. His hands were holding the balcony railing, looking towards the sea, giving He Man the opportunity to record the shadow of his back.

It was only his silhouette, but He Man took a long time to record.

Xie Yu, still holding onto his pose, felt a bit odd realizing He Man had no reaction. The man asked curiously, "Is it done yet? Do you even know how to record? A video is supposed to record something moving. If you record the me who is not moving at all, that's called a photo!"

Xie Yu turned around, peeking. The man found He Man looking at him with red, teary eyed.

"Stupid." Said Xie Yu with a smile.

Some say, when happiness comes, most of us will not realize it at all.

That is not true. He Man really understood what those words mean. She now understands the value of happiness better than anyone else.

Her happiness was now in sight, in a beam of light shining before her.