There will always be arguments on every vacation.

Once on a honeymoon, He Man's older sister, He Qi, fighting with her husband non-stop. According to her, these are what caused their fight...

"I told you already to bring sunscreen, but you don't because you think it will make the baggage even heavier. Sunscreen is very expensive here, oh man!"

"You know that we'll be walking during the vacation, but why do you even wear uncomfortable shoes?"

"I've told you to prepare things you want to bring, so you won't get panic tomorrow!"

Seeing He Man did not look like she really understood what He Qi has mentioned, she then explaining in a short and clearer way. "There's no way a married couple never get into a fight. More arguments will happen on every vacation."

"Are there no normal married couples who get along?"

He Qi widened her eyes and replied, "When you become rich enough. Have dozens of assistants preparing your vacation schedules, helping you prepare all the things you are going to bring, carrying luggage...anything. I guess that's when you and your partner won't get into a fight anymore."

He Man was silent. She promised herself if Xie Yu and her go on their honeymoon one day, they will not get into a fight like other married couples.

Well, He Man and Xie Yu ended up having arguments in the taxi as well sadly, on their way to the airport.

Both almost missed their flight, either because He Man took a long time preening in front of a mirror, or because Xie Yu was constantly recording and not helping taking care of their luggage. The two of them just continued to fight with no end. The two's bickering started from the moment they entered a taxi until they pushed their suitcases at the airport. Their bickering stop for a while after the two sat on the plane, although they still ignoring each other.

The plane landed. Both walked out of the airport through the automatic door. The leaves of the banyan trees swaying in the breeze looked so calming. Without she intended, He Man's lips bent into a smile.

Realizing that Xie Yu's face also seemed brighter, He Man became so excited. She wanted to start a conversation with Xie Yu, but after much thought, she decided to frown again.

For He Man, she is a queen on this honeymoon. She shouldn't be the first one who asks for their reconcile!

The two of them sat in a taxi. Handing the driver a piece of paper with a name and address of a hotel written in the local language. The driver gave them an 'OK' sign, then started the engine. The couple sat in the back seat. Each leaned against the cab window, taking in the view.

He Man's cell phone buzzed. Feeling somewhat odd, how could someone contact her abroad? She took out the cellphone from the bag.

Turned out the message was sent by Xie Yu. Texting, Oi, talk to me.

Unconsciously, He Man responded whilst still staring at the screen, "What?!"

Only then she did realize that Xie Yu had trapped her. She turned her head and caught Xie Yu holding back a smile.

"Are you insane? Our travel abroad is super expensive, you know!"

Embarrassed and pissed off, He Man acted like she was about to choke Xie Yu's neck. But the man blocked it, pulling He Man into his arms and kissing her warmly.

There's nothing more to argue about.

The taxi driver, not understanding their language, glanced through the rearview, and smiled.

Love matters indeed have never recognized any boundaries.