The Most Amazing Moments Always Happens in Summer

Some say, when happiness comes, most of us will not realize it at all.

That is not true. He Man really know what those words mean. She now understands the value of happiness better than anyone else.

Her happiness is now in sight, in a beam of light shining before her.

.•° ✿ °•.

He Man woke up to a loud snoring sound.

Waking up from dreamland, her eyes could not bear to see the bright light of the sun entering through the window. Slowly, the woman raised one hand to cover her eyes while the other hand rocked the side of her bed where she was sleeping.

"Xie Yu, get up! You wake me up! Why does your snoring so loud?!"

Realizing that Xie Yu was not beside her, He Man's hands moved here and there, fumbling around the bed. Feeling there was something odd, He Man opened her eyes to look for Xie Yu.

The man was neatly dressed already, leaning against the wall of the door, smiling and looking at her. He Man looked around with a confused face. The snoring could still be heard. Then, her hand hit a cold solid object.

A digital videotape.

He Man immediately changed her position, sitting on the bed before pulling the videotape. A face of a woman she seemed to know showed up. As if trying to help to prove her guess, an image on the video screen suddenly enlarged, then focused on the face of a woman who was snoring.

It was herself. Saliva dripping on the side of her lips. Sleeping soundly, snoring like a piglet. On the screen, her snoring stopped several times, wiping her mouth before continue to snore again.

Slowly, He Man turned her head onto Xie Yu who was still on the door. But the man laughed so hard he couldn't stand straight.

"This time I have proof. Do you still dare to say that you are a sleeping beauty princess? Look at the tape played beside you, the real you and you in the video are snoring together like doing some kind of a duet!"

He Man's face flushed with irritation. The videotape she was holding almost get tossed at Xie Yu. Realizing that, Xie Yu quickly prepared himself to catch it. But unexpectedly, He Man pulled her hand back.

"Changed my mind. This thing is very expensive anyways." He Man muttered to herself, then suddenly throwing a pillow at Xie Yu's face. The man dodged right away before stepping forward, took the videotape from He Man's grasp, and act as if enjoying the spectacle on the screen.

"Listen to this snoring sound! Oh look, she's drooling!"

He Man rose to her feet screaming in annoyance, trying to snatch the tape away Xie Yu was holding. "Give it to me! I want to delete it!"

Xie Yu teased He Man. "No in a friggin' way! This is my private precious collection!"

Being so annoyed, He Man jumped so she could snatch the tape away from the man's hand. However, the man's legs are very long. She jumped here and there, looked like a stupid monkey jumping from one tree to another.

After a long struggle, not only unable to snatch the tape away, Xie Yu succeeded in trapping He Man's body on the bed instead, holding her two hands tightly.

"I'm warning you, if you destroy the nail art I just made last night, I'm gonna fight you real hard to die!" He Man struggled, trying to protect her fingers.

The man lowered his face, smiled so slyly as he looked at He Man's face.

"You snore so hard last night I couldn't even sleep. But you still dare to threaten me? Now, how will you compensate for all my losses?"

For a second, He Man felt guilty hearing Xie Yu's words. Once she's back to her senses again, she tried to break free from the man's grip again. "What the hell?! I'm so beautiful, but you prefer to record all my worst sides instead. You should be the one who compensates all my losses!"

"Oh, is that so? Then, fine! I'll give you the compensation, just wait..."

Seeing Xie Yu's cunning expression, He Man's eyes opening wide, lowering her head with a reddened face full of embarrassment.

"No way! We just did that last night..." she muttered.

Suddenly, Xie Yu pulled a large blanket on the bed and wrapped both of them under. Then, a long 'buuurrrpp' sound heard.

He Man covered her nose in an instant, trying to get off of the blanket. Until finally, her butt landed so hard on the floor. She then pointed at the man while exclaimed madly, "Xie Yu, you dirty ass! I'm asking for a divorce!"

Xie Yu burst into laughter as he stepped towards He Man, then hugging the woman tightly.

"You snore, I fart. These habits of ours, are well-matched until we're ninety."