Slave - Chapter 1.2



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The man came back after 12 hours. Jong-tae, who runs a private zoo and a research lab for people who like personal purposes and water, smiled at the 22-year-old young female. It was not easy to see dogs rubbing or sucking milk on a young female as if they were satisfied.

That was a natural-born female rival.

"I have to take a day off, so it all goes back."

At the end of the day, the dogs disappeared through the open door. The smell of love affair with the dog that was filling the room pricked my nose, but the young female was still trembling and dripping clear water on her front legs.

Jong-tae, who opened a window, brought water from a large bucket and poured it over a young female. The young female, awakened by the cold sensation of the sauce, jumped at the sensation felt on the inner wall.

Jong-tae opened his mouth at a pretty sight.

"You guys must have been pretty. You're a bitch. You're a baby."

Surprised by his words, it was quite cute for a young female to look at her breast. As Jong-tai said, Er Lin Amkah's wetness was just slightly bigger than before he went out.

Even after he passed out, his nipples grew bigger, and his hips shook unconsciously.

Having thought it would be okay to bring a dog in the rutting season and let him be a Westerner, he thought about who was the best time. Not long ago, Seo Jin, president of Capital, came up with the idea of having a baby and sending it back when a female came in.

He laughed at the thought that the owner's dog would be suitable for a young rutting female because he was even the size of a lot wiler.

When the young female cat raised her head at the low laugh, Jong-tae raised his foot and pressed the baby female's milk like a tree.

"Hee... Eee... Eee!"

But he spoke like a merciful master to the young Am Kee, who gave a pretty shiver of his hips and waist to see if the breast milk was flowing out.

"If you cut your baby at once, you'll love it so much that you don't have to eat another one. Should I eat your dick behind your dick today?"

"Ha, I'll do it. Joe, I'm gonna fuck you."

The little bitch was looking at me in delight, asking for a dick without knowing what she was talking about.

Having relished his appetite with a red-hot face and a fluffy body, he thought that once he couldn't have a baby, he would play with it for a few days.

This time the female character is quite stilted, and he is excited to call his friends for a party after a long time.

"Then I'll go see the West, walk."

It could have been long because Jong-tae had already released all the restraints before he spoke, but the young cancer had an immature taste.

"You can't even walk because you want to eat your dick?"

Scared by his words, Jong-tae kicked the little bitch's butt very hard as she hurried to stand upright.

Then a young female cat lying on the floor groaned and kicked her butt. He opened his mouth as if he didn't know the female character had just picked up his ass and had been kicked and the inner wall rocked.

"Is the female character human? Can you stand on both feet? Gear."

At his words, the little bitch cried out of the gear door. When the female cat came out of the hallway, the male cats walking in the hallway tried to run in, and Jong-tae had a very little trouble.

"Not now, Amka. I'm on my way to meet the first West."

He coaxed the male cat into the quarantine room with good words. Then there, En Lot and Iller were in the rut and groaning. Roth Wyler, who craves for the female, was a slightly different mix from Il van Roth Wyler. He, too, was a lot-wiler sold by Jong-tae, and if it were similar to other male cats, the cock would be a little bigger.

And because the rut was long, not once or twice, he took out the stopper, who was blocking the back of the female, and took out the egg in it, and then slapped her buttocks.

"What are you doing, get in there. He's waiting for you. It's not that hard to feed you your favorite dick, are you taking it out on the subject?"

When she said, "If you don't bite Boji's dick, I'll make you a cock duster," the young female cat went into the quarantine room.

"Face this way...That's right."

When he was in a position to make it easier for a male dog to get a dog's dick, he saw Roth Weiler's two front feet on the female dog's shoulder and rolled up his mouth.

Then he left right away. Anyway, he avoided the position of benevolent owner Ini because he thought the female character in charge of the West would be ashamed of the opening ceremony.

When the dog's front feet pressed his shoulder and a hot cock touched over the hole, Woo-jin naturally tightened his buttocks. However, with his back trembling and his mouth wide open at the sensation of being pushed inside, Woo-jin drooled.


With a completely different sense than when he rubbed the egg in, Woo-jin assessed it only by putting his dick in it. Woo-jin's cock, which shot off the semen, stood firm again with the sense from behind, even though he had never been touched.


Woo-jin really felt like he was being blacked out by the dog's cock that was being cuffed inside. No, it wasn't the feeling of being a female, it was really a female.

The sight of himself struggling at the height of his own dog's cock with his back opened was really an image of himself. Woo-jin shook his head with joy that came up again and twisted his upper body without adjusting to the fast piston-jumping dog's movement. Then the dog pressed his back with his front paws and moved faster.

With a dog's testicles and a bristle of hair hitting his buttocks, Woo-jin panting and panting that he's a female. I opened my eyes and turned it upside down.

The dog semen that crawled into the inner wall was hot and all stimulated, so the holes trembled and the inner wall was convulsed.

The dog licked Woo-jin's back to see if he had a good sense. The right field, where the dog had finished its assessment, was shaken with a "hick" sound in pursuit of the dog poking its inner wall again.

"Hi... Ugh...Argh!"

Woo-jin, who couldn't even match the movement of a dog that was moving at a tremendous speed, dropped his buttocks expecting semen to be shot on the inner wall of the city.

However, Woojin's eyes were wide open in pursuit of a dog that opened its inner walls tightly.

"Hah, uh, uhh!"

Thinking that his back was going to be torn, Woojin felt his hole flinching, unable to utter a scream.

Only then did the dog dick, which opened the inner wall and holes to the limit, shoot the semen. Unlike before, Woo-jin had to groan coquettishly, shaking his thighs naturally.

"Hmm, yeah! Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bojiro..."

Woo-jin, who reached the peak of his dog's semen by taking it out as a boji, tried to breathe even more as he felt the semen coming in.

After a long time of taking the semen in, the dog took the dick out of the anus again. Then the semen, which had been collected in the place, trickled down the thigh.

Woojin breathed in the semen that was running out of the anus. Then the dampness of the anus felt licking from the thigh to the anus.

Woo-jin realized that it was a dog's tongue and cried like a child. Woo-jin couldn't forget that he was a human being when the dog licked his back as if he were friendly to a female who had finished mating.

"Acka, did you enjoy your dick?"

"Yes, yes, yes..."

The man looked at Woo-jin, who was hazing and crying, smiling softly. But the man didn't open the isolation room door.

"The first West in the dark lasts a long time. That's where she gets her baby. All right, you?"

"Yes, yes, yes..."

"What are you coming out of?"

Woojin moved his stuttering mouth to the man's words.

"Oh, she's got to fuck you and have a bird and a baby."

"Yes, listening like this."

Woo-jin, who answered the man's words but became a female, wondered how he could have a baby.But the question soon fell on the dick of a dog picking up the inner wall.


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