Slave - Chapter 1.1



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Slave market may have existed in the past, but it is hard to imagine in modern times.

However, Woo-jin, by his friend infos, attracted to a private moneylender and soon entered a slave market.

Woo-jin trembled at the sight of the private moneylenders laughing that they should go to a bar where they can satisfy their perverted tastes if they cannot be sold here.

Woo-jin, who didn't have a stitch on, stood in line with other men who came out of the slave market as slaves.

From a man full to a man of good build.

There's a lot of variety of people who were dragged here. Some of them were sold, putting their faces in their groin without even seeing what was going on with them, trying to keep themselves in the mouths of the living.

"This is the last slave."

The last turn. Woo-jin stood in the middle of the stage and kept shaking his body as soon as he slept, so he didn't see people laughing at him.

Then, when someone raised their hand, he heard the amount of money, an employee wrote it down, and handed it over to the host.

"Sold to customer number 31."

At the end of the sentence, Woo-jin was held up by the big guys and had to follow customer number 31. Woo-jin, who only allowed to wear a coat on his body, was dragged to the customer's car 31 and opened his eyes wide when he saw the door opened by the big guys.


"Uh, where..."

"You're still a 22-year-old young man, and I'm telling you because I feel sorry for your life, and you're sold for a bitch. Customer number 31, he's a gentleman who does research and experiments on animals, so let's go to bed. You're a bitch now, so you should get in the trunk. Can I use it to ride on a sheet like a human being?"

Woo-jin, who only glanced at his words, was finally able to face the darkness after being crumpled in their trunks.

Woo-jin shook his head in such fear. It's gonna be okay. I'll just go and grab it. He completely forgot what the big guys said about the experiment. Soon after, Woo-jin felt the car start and shake.

With his eyes blinking, Woo-jin apparently dozed off in the trunk, but he moved his head back and forth, unable to see why he was being held in a prone position.

"Year ah. Did it happen?"

Then a man in black came up and kicked Woo-jin's butt.

Though his body was reeling from the force, Woo-jin immediately regained his position. It was not because he wanted it, but because he was bound. He was able to return no matter how much he hit from behind because he was restrained with his knees boiled and tied his arms to a horizontal bar in front of him.


Aside from the sound of pain, Woo-jin couldn't say anything, so he looked at the man with a frightened face.

"Yeonnyeon ah, don't you answer?"

"Come on, I'm sorry, I'm done. Buy, save me. I'll pay you back, Mr. Suh, sir..."

"You're making a terrible noise, bitch? But that's not what you're going to do today.I can't get it together. If you've been sold at the market, you shouldn't be treated like a human being. I'm going to give you a hand here and there so you can be loved by other Westerners today and have a baby later. In the meantime, let's learn how to bite the West's dicks deliciously?"

Woo-jin was contemplated by the man's words, spitting out anything and shouting for him to be released. But the man moved his body casually, as if he had already experienced this before.

Then the man who dragged the iron tray took out the long one of the numerous injection tools inside. The man, who was checking the syringe from Woo-jin's hip, pushed the thin and long syringe into Woo-jin's anus.

Woo-jin, who flinched the anus with a weak sense of foreign body coming inside, began to tremble more as he felt a sting and pain in his inner wall and was injected as soon as he slept.

"Yeon-yi must feel like shit. Did you just go with the injection?"

Woo-jin lowered his head, thinking the man's words were nonsense. Then he could see that the semen from his dick had stained the floor. Shocked, he shook his head as the man grumbled, drained the shot and pushed another in to inject the same injection.

"Oh, no..."

"You're a bitch now, they like it more because they want to fuck from your back. I'll see you later. I'll send it to the factory when I can't use it properly. Good night."

When the second injection was injected into the inner wall, it felt like the inner wall was shaking just by brushing the wind over the hole. Even though Woojin didn't know what was going on, he felt strange trying to change his mind once or twice.

I could feel the anus dripping like a woman's vagina. Woojin shook his head violently and shouted "No" because he felt like he was wearing it even if he saw it.

But the man put a dildo into his anus. The already loose port gate bit Dildo, and the inner wall clung to him, warmly welcoming Dildo in the shape of a dick.

It wasn't until almost the end that the man who turned on the switch gave Woo-jin a stern warning.

"Yeonnyeon, if you drop this, then you're just gonna fuck it up. All right, you?"


It would have been a relief if the words had come into his ears, but Woo-jin had already bouncing his buttocks and shouting because of the deal that irritated the inner wall.

At first, Woo-jin, who did not realize that his own voice was a living groan, and furthermore a woman's communion, reached two peaks before he realized that the ear-splitting sound was his own.

In the meantime, the man gave Woo-jin a total of six injections for each breast, and when he saw his chest slowly starting to climb up, he pinched and twisted the nipple.

"H, uh, uh...Aah!"

Thanks to him, Woo-jin, who is now only dripping water rather than semen from his dick, was tired and couldn't give a lot of strength to his anus.

Then the man laughed at Dildo, who fell to the floor with a thud.

"Yeon-yi wanted to meet the West early?"

"Shi, no..."

As soon as the word "no" popped out of his mouth, the man wearing black-rimmed glasses fixed his glasses and picked up the whip on the T-ray and hit Woo-jin's buttocks.

Every time the line went on his butt, Woo-jin screamed.


When his scream in pain began to turn into a nasal one, Woo-jin even shook his butt, not knowing that the corners of his mouth had slipped away.

It wasn't until he was beaten redly that the man put the reason for the blow in his mouth.

"Yeonnyeon ah. The owner told you to do it, and now you say no?This thing still hasn't come to its senses, has it? It's my first time here. You're so nice to me to get used to it. Can't you see anything? Why don't you just eat the rest of the West's sleep from the first day?"

"Oh, no..."

Scared of the man's words, Woo-jin hurriedly said so as not to offend him. As something like cold gel fell on his butt, Woo-jin shook his waist again and clasped the iron bar tightly.

"You smell like a bitch behind you."

When the man laughed at the words, Woo-jin began to think that he really smelled like a bitch.

"Sorry, I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry for what."

"Yeon-Yeon smelled like a bitch."

"I didn't tell you where I paid. Are you sure you're sorry?"

As he spoke, he slipped his finger back into the hole, and even a finger wriggled the inner wall.

"Hee... rip!"

"You're not answering."

"Puppy, bitch, Izzie, I'm sorry for smelling like a bitch."

" Yeah, bitch now vibrates to smell like this one's lord and master in and out there. Someone told me to act like a rutting female. No matter how sweet he is today, he can't feed the poor because they have to rest."

At his words, Woo-jin felt fortunate. But the man smiled and put two eggs, the size of an egg, into Woojin's anus, and only then pushed the Angel Stopper in.

Woo-jin, who was only tightening the anus with a tight inner wall and a hard feeling that touched deep inside, immediately bent his waist and shook his hips with a sense of stars bouncing in front of his eyes.

"Hm... Ugh...Argh!"

In less than 10 seconds, he reached the peak and released the dilute solution, and at the peak that followed, Woo-jin burst into tears and shot clear water.

"You're a bitch going to the back of her head, and you're not going to be without the Western cock, but that's a punishment. Let's say hello to the Westerners first. Do you understand? I'm a bitch."

Woo-jin nodded his head no matter what the man said. Then the rest of his restraints were lifted one by one, and Woo-jin had to go through the floor and assess again and again.

The man, who tied Woo-jin's arms with soft cloths, each of them fixed on a stick on the ceiling so that it could not be dented and sat Woo-jin's hips pressed down on the floor. Then, he spread his legs wide and fixed them on a chain at the end of the room, and Woojin's body could only slightly flutter his buttocks and couldn't avoid it.

Only after doing so did the man see Woo-jin's chest coming up just right up and brought the syringe back.

While poking a needle into a towering nipple and watching the injection go in, Woo-chan raised his voice at the peak of his return.


Woo-jin, who was about to peak again by rubbing his buttocks against the floor, opened his eyes wide because both his chest and nipples, where the injection was injected, were fluttering and burning.

Woo-jin first saw a man smile at the sight.

"Wait, no matter how rutting he is, he can do that."

The barking of the dog became louder as he opened the door right in front of him. Woo-jin opened his eyes immediately because he thought it was a real individual, and tried to keep his body wet as it reached its peak.

But it was just an idea and the man brought the dogs back. Then a drop of yellow liquid fell into the belly from the tip of the nipple, which rose as if waiting for the right time.

The man who saw it allowed Woo-jin to speak with a laugh-filled voice.

"Say hi to the West, bitch."

"Oh, the female heart..."

"There's no chest for a female. You wouldn't know if it was milk."

When he corrected his words, Woo-jin shed tears at the momentarily. It was because his body was really getting strange because his personality was not enough to break.

Woo-jin hurriedly opened his mouth because his heart was so sore and burning that he could no longer bear it.

"You know, the sucker...Please wash it."

"Good job, bitch. If you have to ask the West to do something, it's as it is now. Now let's say hello to the Westerners."

When he let go of the dogs' leash, the dogs rushed to Woo-jin. The dog that licked Woo-jin's crotch with his tongue on the cock that spills the gun was bearable. Woo-jin, who flinched despite his moist breath, trembled at the tongue of the dog touching both breasts.

Dogs, who had been touching their chests, used their tongues to bite slightly, making the fluid flow more from the nipple, as if the fluid from the nipple was good.

Then Woo-jin reached the peak of his hip fat whenever the liquid came out. However, this time, he did not do as he did before, but reached its peak only with his inner walls and chest.

Before I knew it, the man disappeared from the room, but there were more dogs than before. It was full of various varieties, ranging from Great Dane to Shepherd and Lot Wiler, as if they were waiting for their turn.

Among them, there were some strange mixed species that didn't know much about dogs, but Woo-jin, who couldn't come to his senses due to excessive pleasure, began to "hickle" his throat because he couldn't get a grip on the fast sensation and the sense of an egg shaking in his inner wall.

However, no matter how much his chest and ohm body were salted by the dogs' saliva, the man did not return. Perhaps because of the biting, quick, and mocking of the nipple, the slightly convex chest seemed to have swollen up even more and more.

As his body began to change, Woo-jin was scared, and showed off his scary dogs, and only groaned as if he was asking them to obey him as a female.

Unaware that the idea of his position was starting to settle in his head, Woo-jin once again dropped his butt with a big waist. Then the dogs barked scaryly.

Woo-jin hurriedly put his butt on the floor because he thought he was angry because he couldn't do what he had to do, but the dogs came back stronger.

Woo-jin, who was shaking his limbs in a mood where his whole body seemed to be sexually transmitted, eventually fainted with his eyes open.


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