Mr. Devil - Chapter 1.4


The door closed behind Jae-hee's back without a sound.

Now she knew, for the first time in life, the door of expensive rooms will not make a sound if closed.

The carpet, which seemed to be too expensive to step on, felt so soft. So soft she wondered if she should take her shoes off.

Jae-hee could only think of it as a 'hotel room', but she never thought it would be a 'sweet room'.

'How much is it for a place like this to live in?'

Jae-hee would like to ask the price, but couldn't, afraid she'll get a bad respond instead.

After a little bit of a long entrance, a large space was burned out with a bright light.

Jae-hee stepped into space with a soft-looking sofa, not a big bed that reminded her of a hotel.

'Where's the bed?'

She didn't know why it was so wide.

She could see fruits and bottles of champagne in a basket on the table in the opposite space.

It seemed like a few more things were on there, but Jae-hee couldn't confirm what they were.


Jae-hee walked to the window as if being dragged by a magnet. Beautiful lights spread out over the wide window as if sprinkled with stars.

Jae-hee was amazed at the fact that the night view, could be this beautiful.

It was the night view of the city she had never known before.

"Beautiful, ain't it?"

The man behind her pulled her waist.

Jae-hee was slightly nervous hearing his low but friendly voice that rang on her ears.

Every time the man spoke, a hot breath touched her ear, making her so nervous.

The man's hand, which holding under her chest, was bothering her. That was the first time Jae-hee had been close to a man like this.

"But I don't even know your name yet."

Being nervous, Jae-hee said whatever came to mind.

What's important about a name during a one-night stand anyway?

Tomorrow morning, each of them would go their separate ways and will never see each other again, but she was asking his name in this situation.

A name that has no reason to remember.

"I am Choi Woo-hyuk."

"Kim Jae-hee."

Kim's now being her family name because of her adoptive parents.

Shin Jae-hee, Han Jae-hee, and Yoon Jae-hee are prettier than Kim Jae-hee, but regardless of her intentions, Kim Jae-hee is an ordinary name. So it's fine.

Although it's a name she doesn't like very much.

"That's a pretty name."

This guy. Aren't you being too polite?

"What a pretty name."

He didn't need to flatter Jae-hee like that, she won't run away.

Woo-hyuk's hand, which previously holding on her waist, slowly climbed up and covered one of her breasts.


When the man's big hand covered his chest, Jae-hee's face turned red, though they're covered by the jacket she wore.

Shame surged up from below.

Her neck and face were burning.

With his hand covering one of Jae-hee's breasts, the man slowly lowered his other hand below her waist.

Jae-hee, realizing the place where the hand wandered on her skirt, gently bit her lips.

In this kind of situation, she couldn't know what to do.

"Miss Jae-hee."

The man whispered her name in a friendly whisper, as if calling out a name he had known before.

Jae-hee gasped for breath. The man's lips spread between her jackets and snapped at the exposed nape.

His hot breaths spread through her skin. Jae-hee's legs shook as his wet lips touched her neck.

She accidentally touched the window in front of them with her hands.

She was surprised she almost sat down loosely because her legs suddenly became jelly.

But she wouldn't since she held onto the window.

The man behind her still holding her chest and waist tightly.

Moving his hand over her breast, Woo-hyuk groped her neck and ears with lips dripping with hot breath.


Jae-hee looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

The jacket that had just come off her shoulder rolled down under.

Woo-hyuk's hand began to unbutton the blouse she was wearing.

Few buttons came off in an instant.

Despite the fact that it was a fairly heated room, Jae-hee felt a chill when the blouse spread out on both sides.

It was hard to tell if the air in the room is cold or if the man's finger touching her bare skin is ice.

Woo-hyuk's fingers were cold.

As if he had just came in from outside, the tip of the cold man's hand dug into Jae-hee's bra making the owner trembled.

As the bra lifted up, the back of Woo-hyuk's hand covering her white breasts that now revealed.

"Oh, nice..."

Jae-hee groaned, wetting her throat.

Woo-hyuk clutching her breasts with both hands, snapped her throat violently.

Jae-hee, whose upper body already stripped completely in the man's arms, gasped for breath.

Every time she stumbled, her jacket and blouse that scattered below were trampled on her shoes.

The bra fell on her foot.

Jae-hee stomped on the fallen bra. Staggered, completely let her body to the man's chest.

The control of her body already been handed over to the man beyond Jae-hee's control.


Jae-hee's body, held in Woo-hyuk's arms, convulsed as the man sucked in the nape of her neck.

The light-colored nipple stuck between the man's wet fingers.

Jae-hee imagined it to some extent. It was the first time she left defenseless in this way, so Jae-hee held Woo-hyuk's hand with hers that previously touched the window.

"Why? You don't like it?"

The man whispered in a relaxed whisper, taking off his lips from her neck.

"It's not that I don't like it, but be a little slower please..."

"Slowly? Like this?"

Woo-hyuk turned her body around in his arms lightly. But Jae-hee, turning toward the man, got embarrassed and covered her chest instinctively.

It was embarrassing to expose them to the man, even though they were just been squashed by him a moment ago.

Woo-hyuk opened his lips, looking at Jae-hee who covered his breast with her hands, with a relaxed gaze.

"Look at me, relax."

The man loosened the cuff on his wrist.

It was the first time for Jae-hee to see a man take off his clothes.

Woo-hyuk who took off his clothes put his hand on the buckle of his trousers. Jae-hee was suffocated.

He had a white, smooth, and firm body that could not be found anywhere.

Jae-hee, being obedient to the man's words, watched as he took off his clothes until the end.

Jae-hee's eyes widened as the man took off his pants and lowered the last of his piece of clothing.


First time for Jae-hee to actually saw it. She didn't know it would look like that first time she knew. It was so big, so thick, and alive.

'Oh, no, how could you...'

Is that even normal? Is that what all the other guys have?

"Do you like it?"

The man bent his eyes and looked at Jae-hee. The end of the dried man's lips revealed his confidence.

"I showed you everything. So why don't you put that hand away now?"


Jae-hee looked down at her chest, which had been covered with her hands until then.

"Give me something."

The man gave a slight flick of his finger.

"I said I'd like you to move your hand away. Slightly to the side."

The man winked lightly with his slightly curled up eyes.

"Oh, it's..."

It was Jae-hee herself who wanted this situation.

I wanted to have this experience once anyway.

However, when she got into this situation, her head and body began to play separately.

Her head said, "Get your hands off me!" but her body refused, shouting, "It's too embarrassing!"

"Miss Kim Jae-hee."

To the man's eyes, how funny she must be now.

If you were seducing them first, wouldn't you'd come into the hotel and pull everything out?

"My first impression seemed pretty easy-going, but I guess I'm actually shy."

It's a roundabout way, but it's a straightforward interpretation.

"Just... just a little..."

Jae-hee, who was living in the middle of nowhere, lowered her hand.

The light was too bright. Yeah, that's the problem.

It's embarrassing that the lights were too bright to show your naked body.

If he could turn off the lights...

"You've never seen anything like this before?"

The man drew close to Jae-hee.

But instinctively, the woman stepped back. No, she tried to back down.

The man's hand swirled around her back trying to hold her. She failed.


Jae-hee's face turned red.

Her breasts touched Woo-hyuk's chest since her waist fell onto the man's hand.

When her breasts touched the man's bare skin, Jae-hee flinched and quickly turned her head.

Even worse than that, she could feel his manhood on her skin below.

"Now that you're here, I'm not just going to let you go, but you want to run away?"

"I'll ask you one last time. Do you want to run away? For real, I can let you go."

Do you think I want to run away?

Is running away from here gonna change anything?

If she leave here now, Jae-hee will still have three months to live, still have a cold house with a bloodless family that doesn't even love nor worried about her at all, and the only thing waiting for her will only be death.

What's the difference if she's run away now?

Recalling why she came here in the first place, Jae-hee relaxed from her stiff shoulders.

Remembering that she came all the way here with a strange man to do everything she wanted to do before she dies, to avoid lingering doubts.

"No, just do it."

Jae-hee hoped it would seem like a casual remark, but the man smiled affectionately at what she just said.

Why is this strange man smiling?

Is this how he smiles at every woman he meets?

"Don't be so nervous. It's gonna be a good night."


"I'll make your night to be ecstasy."

Looking at the approaching man's face, Jae-hee murmured a small answer.

"...I hope so..."

An enchanting night.

Have you ever been ecstatic?

Have you ever been happy in your life, have you ever been ecstatic, or have you ever had a good laugh?

Last but not least, only once, Jae-hee wants to smile.

"I think so."

With a whisper, Woo-hyuk's lips covered Jae-hee's slender lips.

She got embarrassed by the hot wet tongue of the man who cut her lips.

His tongue bewildered and helplessly dug into her mouth, twined her tongue, and stirred her mouth.

As Jae-hee stepped on the skirt that fell below her feet, Jae-hee staggered by the man's hand.

She didn't even know where her foot heading.

Woo-hyuk didn't even let go of her lips. Jae-hee's body, which was staggering along with his walking, went backward with the man in his arms.


Only then did Jae-hee gave a sigh of relief, as her back fell on a soft bed.

When she opened the door and entered the room, she couldn't see the bed. Where did this bed come from?

Looking up, the ceiling was turned into a different decoration and lighting than she had just been seen.

Jae-hee turned her head slightly and saw the door.

She came all the way through that door without even knowing.

Jae-hee couldn't tell which hotel room that attached to an extra room like this.

Is that why it's called Sweet Room?

"Jae-hee, your eyes get bigger each time you're surprised."



How many women had he given such compliment?

While Jae-hee drowned in thought about it for no reason, the man's lips covered her lips again.


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