Mr. Devil - Chapter 1.3


"What?" she asked back three times already.

"You're lying, right?"

This was the first time she had ever wanted to deny reality so bad.

"This can't be true."

She felt a surge of anger.

She has never been so angry at all the misfortunes inflicted on her so far.

She wouldn't be angry if her paintings get taken away, if she got beaten by her friends, or if people put a false rumor on her.

Because Jae-hee thought she would lose if she got angry. But now she's angry. Because this time was the only and last chance to get angry.

"Then what should I do?" she finally tried to hold onto hope.

But the doctor's words took the last hope away from her.

"There's no other way but bone marrow transplants. If you don't do a transplant, your life will only last for three months or even faster."

Acute myeloid leukemia.

That was the name of the disease and the death sentence given to her. A bone marrow transplant.

It's a good thing to say though.

She didn't have a family with the same bone marrow as her, and she had no way of finding a bone marrow donor and no time to do so.

She denied what had happened to her on the first step, angry on the second, and despair on the third.


When she left the hospital, a white snowflake fell onto her head.

At the beginning of the coldest winter, her life started to end.

Jae-hee looked up at the snowflakes of pure white.

"Fuck it. Fuck the sky."


Clack, clack.

The whiskey glass on Jae-hee's hold made a sound.

If it was the usual Jae-hee, there's no reason to come to this kind of bar. She couldn't afford to come and never really wanted to anyway. But this time, Jae-hee did not care. She's at the end of her life.

There is nothing wrong, no reason to feel the worst. It's already the worst of the worst. So for the first time in her life, Jae-hee set foot into a hotel club.

Kim Jae-hee, age 26.

She had never done anything extravagant for herself. It was always because of her situation. However, after her life being sentenced for about three months more, there was nothing scarier than this.

Jae-hee offered resignation letter to her current company. She wanted to quit right away, but her boss said she should really leave in two weeks until they can find a replacement.

She actually was upset that she had to stay at the company for two weeks more, but she couldn't do anything with it, so she decided to stay at the company until then.

Fortunately, the company is different from the fact that she had lived in a daze so far.

With a savings account installment and a cancer diagnosis fee from insurance, Jae-hee planned to enjoy the best luxury she could enjoy in the remaining three months. For example, a night in a suite at an expensive hotel, or all kind of food and drinks she would love to try, or buying expensive handbags and coats at a department store, or coming to a hotel club and drinking a hard liquor that she haven't even touched once. And of course, one of Jae-hee's bucket lists is to do dirty things on bed with a stranger.

So far, Jae-hee has been mentioned in all sorts of rumors related to men, but Jae-hee has never held a real man's hand. She has been accused of dating a married man and seducing other's boyfriend.

And now that she thought she would going to die, that's a bit unfair, too. That's why she decided to come to the hotel club today.

Jae-hee didn't like weird guys even if she planned to spend the night with any strangers. It's sad that it's the first and last time, but she wanted to spend at least one night with a fine man.

However, Jae-hee's head was filled with ominous thoughts. She has never experienced anything good.

Will that changed anything now?

Just because I was about to die, will my bad luck go away?

Will it ever come true that I wanted to have a one-night stand with a decent guy before I die?

Maybe I'll meet a weird guy instead.

Jae-hee drank the liquor in her glass, thinking about her misfortune. The first gulp felt bitter she frowned. Thinking it was such a waste of money.

How much money did I throw away on this liquid?

Even at these moments, she really hated herself for thinking about the price of liquor, so she held out the empty glass and gave strength to her voice.

"One more, please!"

"Why don't you drink a little bit more mild?"

Jae-hee turned her head to an unfamiliar man's voice.

The man's voice touched her ear was very low-pitched, his pronunciation on point and pleased to hear.

The first thing that came into Jae-hee's sight when she turned her head was the man's hand. The man's hands were white and beautiful, holding a glass filled with liquor of the same color she drank.

The ice clattered inside the elegant glass.

Jae-hee did not know when the man sat next to her.

Of course, it was all right. There's nothing wrong with anyone sitting anywhere, but the man sat right next to her among the many vacant bar stools. Isn't this almost intentional? No matter how inexperienced Jae-hee is in this direction, she has a sense.

It was strange that this man was playing tricks on her.

Jae-hee has such a good appearance that people, especially women, can have bitter mouths on them.

If she were born uglier than now, she would never have been the main character of a big gossip. There were always men flocking around her who offered to go out and asked for her phone number.

However, it has never led to a good relationship.

All men who confessed to her had an unfortunate accident. Made her thought she might have been born with a curse as confinement for her previous life.


The man greeted Jae-hee. Listening to his voice, Jae-hee was sure. This man has a good looking face. But this guy looked better than Jae-hee thought. A very good one.

It's so nice to see the suit fit perfectly on his body, and the pale double eyelids that show only slightly on the ends of his eyes were very attractive.

Is this what cool eyes are like?

There were distinct features; clean skin, and thin-rimmed glasses on a sharp nose. He has broad shoulders and tall. Jae-hee couldn't tell the inside of his clothes, but it felt like there was no fat in his.

Jaehee has been drawing for a long time, so she has a good eye for the human body line. That's why the muscle lines of a man in a well-picked suit were clearly caught in her eyes.

Jae-hee was worried that a weird man might show up to her, but this man was the best match for tonight's one-night opponent.

"Are you coming alone?"


The man didn't think it's highly recommended for a beautiful person to come alone and drink hard liquor.


"Can't you feel all drunk men here have been eyeing you for a long time now?"


Jae-hee looked around.

There were quite a few men who came to the club alone and several who drink with their other friends.

As soon as Jae-hee turned his head, some men she met smiled awkwardly and raised their glasses. It was something that she had never noticed until now.

"There's only one case of men coming here alone or in pairs."

"What is it?"

"Playing tricks on a woman who came alone?"

"You came alone."

"Of course, would it be an honest answer if I came here to play tricks on a woman who came alone?"

Have you seen such an honest man?

However, this man was better than men who pretend not to have any lewd thoughts inside their brain.

"Maybe I'm the woman who came alone?"

"Will you give me a chance if I do play tricks on you?"


"You've never been in a place like this before, you've been waiting for someone to drink with, waiting for a guy to get out of here together, am I right?"

"That's right. Something like that."

This guy saw it right.

Jae-hee indeed came with that intention.

"Then shall we go out without any further delay?"

"May I ask where we'll be going?"

Would this question be a little rusty?

This man has probably done so many temptations that he couldn't even count himself.

He looked very familiar with the situation. Perhaps he's a man who changes women each night. But being experienced and familiar in this kind of thing was a lot better for Jae-hee.

It was Jae-hee's first experience and she didn't want to mess up by leaving it to a clumsy man. She wanted to give the lead to an experienced man.

And this man will certainly take the lead on the bed.


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