Mr. Devil - Chapter 1.2


Blood cannot fool.

Jae-hee took over his mother's talent in the design business.

Although she didn't get any support to her talent, she was really excellent in the painting field.

However, the talent affected her in a bad way.

Jae-hee's adoptive parents, who also have two other children --- a boy and a girl --- took benefit of her talent. The daughter insisted on drawing even though she didn't have any talent in the field. Of course, the evil mother made the unfortunate child to paint for the sake of her own daughter.

Jae-hee, who attended the same middle school as the biological daughter of her adoptive parents, was forced to paint in the name of her step-sister.

The girl's painting had led her step-sister winning prizes at various art competitions and entering high school easily.

'Since you ask, I'll let you go to college.'

The adoptive parents promised the girl so.

When Jae-hee knew that her adoptive mother would send her to college, she once again forced to enter an art competition on behalf of her sister.

On the day of the art competition, the mother had Jae-hee's hair done like her biological daughter; wore glasses, and went out to the big event.

As a result, the biological daughter passed to enter the prestigious art college for all her (fake) achievement in art events and excellent grades in the practical exam.

Far opposite for Jae-hee. All the opportunities had vanished into dust. She gave up the prestigious university and decided to work to save money before going to another university a year later.
But entering college didn't end her misfortune.

Her adoptive parents never gave Jae-hee any allowances. Nor did help her with books and tuition. She had to pay all the needs on her own throughout college life.

She did get a scholarship, but the problem was she'll be in trouble if her grades went down. Jae-hee had to work part-time without disturbing her studies, while her adoptive parents still forcing her to do all the housework.

Her daily routine was always busy. Had to get up early in the morning, do housework, set up a breakfast, go to school to take classes, work part-time jobs in the afternoon, and return home before late in the evening to have dinner, wash dishes, and even clean up the laundry and the house.

It would be right to say that there was no day off.

But that's not her only misfortune.

Her unhappiness continued at school and at her part-time job.

Once, she worked part-time at a convenience store and a cafe but it led to a robbery.

Or another time, the restaurant she worked in was caught on fire. It was always not more than two months.

Various accidents happened we couldn't list them all. Bad things surrounded her, even by not doing anything.

So did her school life. It was not even half smooth.

She wanted to go to school quietly, but her surroundings were always noisy.

For example, this silly incident.

She didn't even know there were such two boys who got into a fistfight. One seriously injured and one dropped out of school. People put the responsibilities on Jae-hee as if she had flirted with those boys.

All kept repeating, she even rumored to be a playgirl on campus and had to go around alone throughout her school life.

There was also a professor who had been eyeing her.

However, the professor was forced to quit due to some problems.

Not only in love affairs but the people who came close to Jae-hee during her school years were bound by her misfortunes, and as a result, there was no one around her.

Four years in college.

End? No.

Yes, she succeeded in getting a job after graduation, but her life was not solid enough to join a large company that everyone envied.

Her mentor-turned-manager and the chief of her department simultaneously made a counter-attempt to her, which made her rumored as a woman who seduced their co-workers. To make matters worse, her college colleague, who got into the same company as her, spread rumors about her college days, forcing her to resign after six months.

And in the place where she was re-employed, she was almost sexually harassed by a married man.

How can I be so unlucky?

Anyone else might already be frustrated fell upon all those misfortunes, and would jump off the bridge of the Han River, but Jae-hee, was stood firm still.

Her will was like steel and her venom was beyond imagination.

So she succeeded in a re-employment in the current company.

She tried hard to be happy, although misfortune still following her to this company.

Of course, her reputation was not good enough in her current company, but it didn't really matter because she was already used to being gossiped behind her back.

She was popular enough around men.

As an example, a man who happened also went into the same middle school as her, confessing.

Sadly, before the man got an answer, he got into an accident on his way back and never come back.

Jae-hee hasn't seen him since.

Since then, she almost got confessed to by some men several times but all ended up in a tragic way.

Jae-hee's love affairs were always caught up in misfortunes.

Now, her iron heart started to bend.

She no longer has the will to live. She has come to an end.

She has no choice but to give up her life.


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