My earliest memory was, a woman pointing a finger at me.

I was probably only two or three years old, playing with the other children in a small enclosure. The children that now I know, myself included, were all Omegas.

The woman who pointed at me raised a bright voice. ''Well, what beautiful blue eyes and stunning platinum blonde! You look quiet and clever."

The man who was standing next to her joined in with admiration, exclaimed to the merchant, "Hey you, I want that child!"

"Hmm, that's a stunning blue eyes kitten. It would be hard to find a better slutty cat. It's a bargain," the merchant responded, puckering his nose up.

"No. I don't like the way you call the child a slutty cat. Call him a kitten."

"Okay, okay."

In this world, exists a race called omegas. They can go into heat similar as animals and are capable of producing children even for male. At the time, I didn't know that 'slutty cat' was a pejorative term for the race, but I knew that the merchant never liked me.

All omega children have blue eyes, which later in the future, can change their color when they go into estrus. It could be green, yellow, or brown.

The blue color was only for the newborn, the same as what kitten has. It will change to the original color as they grow up.

That is why omega children are also called kittens.

"Of course! We'll make him look better! Blue silk velvet clothes, an expensive collar, and a gracious meal that this child will be pleased with. Decent nails and hair..." said the merchant.

I then got taken out of the shop and bought by the couple. The woman stroked my head and smiled.

"You are my child from now on. This man right here, my husband, is your father, and I am your mother."


Mother laughed happily and hugged me. I still remember the warm arms and comfortable smell she had.

"Yes, what's your name?" Asked mother who took me out of the enclosure.

Omega was brought from a country in the far north. And far north kittens are rare.

"I'm calling him XX right now, but feel free to rename him as you like."

"XX, huh? It would be nice to have a gorgeous northern name, what about Alexandre?" Dad laughed at the idea. "And Alexandre's nickname will be Sasha. It's cute and looks good on this child."

I didn't know why Alexander became Sasha. But my mother looked very excited, so I thought it was all right.

"I like it. And he's much more beautiful than the Baroness kitten. Can't wait to show off to everyone soon."

"Thank you, Count and Countess Dugo," the merchant said in a very pleased tone.

My father and him walked out of the room with a piece of paper in their hands, whilst my mother picked me up and gave me a sweet smile. Her hands were very soft and smelled really good.

And so, from that day on, I became Count Dugo's kitten.


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