Mr. Devil - Prologue


'Jae-hee, are you ready?'

The nanny asked opening the door as the girl zipped her bag before slung it on her back.

'Yes, I'm done!'

'Nothing's forgotten?'


The girl's answer was cheerful since today is the happiest day for her.

Day of adoption.

The couple who came here last time will pick her up soon. That's why she was very excited.

'They are good people, so you must remember to always behave nicely, okay?'

'Yes, Ma'am.'

The nanny who was usually very strict and scary, she's being unusually sweet today because the people who will become Jae-hee's adoptive parents promised to donate a large sum of money to the nursery.

They were a businessman couple in their forties, had no children, and leave a good impression to Jae-hee.

They brought a teddy bear as a gift for Jae-hee at their first meeting.

For Jae-hee, who has never had a teddy bear before, it was such a wonderful gift. She treasured the teddy since that day.

'Let me take a look at you.'

Nice! The nanny hugged the little girl in excitement.

Jae-hee will soon become the daughter of a rich family.

Ah, it would certainly be really lovely to become a child of such a couple.

'It's raining...'

The rain that hit the window as it passed the hallway made a terrible sound.


Suddenly, thunder and lightning struck.


Jae-hee blocked her ears with both of her hands. Accidentally letting go of her teddy bear, and fell off the stairs.

'My teddy bear!' She cried. 'No!'

At the bottom of the stairs, a malicious boy picked up Jae-hee's teddy bear and ran away right after.



She tried to chase the boy but soon, another thunder shocked her. Jae-hee blocked his ears and crouched down.

Staring at the stairs while still covering her ears with both hands, waiting for the thunderstorm to pass, she later saw a man came in and walked up to the nanny and her.

The man was holding her teddy bear in his hand. It was dirty, ruined by water and mud. Must be the earlier boy who did it.

'My doll...'

The man talked to the nanny, ignoring Jae-hee who looked at her doll with sad eyes.

'The child's adoption has been canceled.'


The nanny looked at the young man in front of her in surprise.

'Mr. Kim and his wife were in a car accident on their way here. Both of them died on the spot.'

The man's eyes looked down at Jae-hee, fixing his glasses. It was a look that tells, "what an unfortunate child".

Jae-hee understood what the man meant. She's already in the age to understand --- the kind couple was in a car accident; no one will come to pick her up.

'I really am such an unlucky kid.'


The man intended to mutter something, but stuck in his chest.

What an unlucky girl.


The child who was born with an endless misfortune.


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