Mr. Devil - Chapter 1.1


All the misfortunes in the world.

Have you ever seen a person hugging it tight all alone? It's like God created her only to have all sorts of unhappiness that exists.

That is what happened to this girl.

Her life was filled with misery from birth, growing up in an unhealthy environment.

Some say she's a bad luck, some say she's a person who goes and drives around unhappiness to her surroundings.

Let's first take look at how this girl was born to the Earth.


Both of her parents were businessmen. The one was worked very hard from scratch before finally become quite successful at the age of mid-30s. Later, she met the other one who was also a successful businessman. Falling in love at first glance then decided to plan a marriage and starting a new family.

They promised to get married, but the universe seemed to not let them be.

The two were busy with their own business. Months after months, the marriage they plan kept getting delayed. Until came the news that the woman was expecting. The man who got an important project for a long time made a promise to the woman; this time, he would really marry her after she gave birth to the child. He said it will not look good to wear a wedding dress with her big belly.

The woman finally gave birth. The man who drove to the hospital with a joyful feeling killed in a traffic accident under a stormy rain.

And so the woman who had no legal relationship with the unfortunate man became a single mother. But still, she decided to raise the child of a man she really loved.

However, before the child reached her one hundred days, fate was being cruel. The woman was found colourless in the middle of the night. She died of a stroke.

This girl was not born unhappily but born to be unhappy. Unfortunate events happened to her parents right after she was born.

Bringing her surroundings into misfortune.

Long story short, the child was left to a distant relative of her mother. She managed to become the guardian and abusing the child.

Mistreating the child.

No good things they've done.

The relative did not touch the child's legacy at the beginning.

Not until her business was on the verge of bankruptcy and her marital relationship was in chaos. So she divorced her husband and took care of the child alone. She began to abuse the child and aiming for the inheritance.

To abandon the child.

She took the child to an amusement park when she was only four years old. With a wicked plan in her head, she reported to the police that she had lost the child.

The girl officially became a missing child now.

The inheritance that had to be given to the child swallowed by the distant relative. Not caring how the child was crying alone in the middle of an amusement park she had been to for the first time before handed over to the police and sent to an orphanage as the final procedure.

And tell you, living in the orphanage was not nice at all.

She was sent to the worst orphanage in Korea. The manager was evil. No providing all kinds of good facilities and such.

Unfortunate fates keep happening to the child since entering the orphanage.

An unknown fire broke out in the middle of proper welfare service, so she moved to another orphanage (three times, each time a fire broke out).

An unknown fire. (Nobody knew that the cause of the fire was the misfortune she brought.)

She was also secretly bullied by another kid who was an angel to others but close to a devil for her in the orphanage.

Until came the good news when a nice business couple came and took a liking to her. Sadly, a misfortune happened. Again. The couple who should be adopting her got into a car accident on their way to the orphanage.

Then came another couple six months later. However, they were not good people like the previous ones.

They neglected the responsibilities to the child.

Although they sent her to an elementary school, still, she couldn't eat the same as them, couldn't wear the clothes properly, and even being bullied by other kids for six years long in the elementary school.


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